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e foundation is supporting China in going the final mile, according to Gates."Now we're involved in the poverty work where China's got a very impressive goal to completely get rid of extreme poverty in the country. We've partnered with the▓m to help out. We have a rich set of programs that▓ are in the country, all of which we fe▓el good about," he said.GLOBAL REACHGates has traveled t▓o China multiple times since his first trip in the 1980s. Since then, momentous changes have taken place not only inside China, but also in China's role in global affairs."If you go back to 1980, China was not that engaged and other countries weren't paying as much atte▓ntion because, in fact, the trade levels were very, very low and people really underestimated what would happen in China," Gates said.Today, however, China is one of the world's